Many companies advertise their products as containing pure CBD extract. But what is pure CBD extract? And should you be using a powder or slab instead of a tincture, vape, or capsule?

Because every CBD product is different, your personal experience may vary. Before you buy, it’s important to understand the difference between it and other products, as well as the pros and cons of your CBD choice.

What is pure CBD?

Products referred to as “pure CBD” are often CBD isolate extracts. After harvest, plants go into extraction, where chemists retrieve only cannbidiol. The most efficient extraction method involves carbon dioxide, which pulls CBD out of the plants as concentrated crystals.

After separation, the “pure CBD” collects as either a powder or a hardened crystal “slab.” This is then packaged and sold in volumes ranging from one-half gram to one gram and above.

Is pure CBD real and available?

Yes, pure CBD products are real, and you can buy them online or at select stores. But before you decide to buy a powder or slab, it’s important to understand how pure it is.

Start by looking at the lab reports. Most reputable companies will publish their lab results on their website or make them available by request. When reading a lab report, look for the notes about actual cannabinoid content. It should read as close to 100-percent CBD content as possible. Anything under 90 percent isn’t “pure CBD.”

If your chosen company doesn’t publish their results online or won’t share their lab reports, then it may not be a reputable or pure product. Only buy “pure CBD” from companies that can prove their extracts contain nothing but cannabidiol.

Why would somebody use pure CBD?

Because pure CBD extracts are the raw crystals harvested from plants, they offer a little more flexibility than traditional oil tinctures, capsules, or gummies. Those who opt for these slabs may use them to create their own edible products, mix them into beverages, or create custom flavoring profiles and serving portions.

But pure CBD isn’t for everyone. Individuals who are new to using CBD products, or have not yet found the right CBD serving, may get frustrated with a pure extract. If you have never used CBD products in the past or don’t know how much CBD is right for you, then using pure CBD may not be best.

Is there a benefit to using pure CBD?

Long-term cannabidiol users who know how much they should use may benefit the most from using pure CBD. Because they have ultimate control of how much CBD they ingest from their preferred serving method, a pure CBD extract is often their product of choice.

But when you compare pure CBD to hybrid full-spectrum CBD, there isn’t a major advantage to using one product over another. Both CBD extracts can deliver cannabidiol through ingestion, which science suggests may provide health benefits to those who use it.

What could I miss out on from using pure CBD?

From a scientific standpoint, pure CBD is not any more effective than those extracted using a hybrid full-spectrum process. In fact, previous studies suggest CBD used alongside terpenes and other essential oils could result in a “entourage effect.” That is: when the natural terpenes and essential oils found in industrial hemp plants are used alongside cannabinoids, peer-reviewed studies suggest the complete serving may help everything do their job more efficiently.

Besides, if you do not understand how to measure this fine extract, you could end up taking too much or too little. Taking too little could result in minimal effects from your CBD serving. On the other side, taking too much could also result in adverse effects including lethargy. In either situation, you would not be getting the benefits of CBD that you sought.

Should I use pure CBD products?

As with any CBD product, your experience could vary based on the products you select and their potency. Because a high-grade pure CBD extract (as verified by third-party lab reports) is nothing but cannabidiol, you will have to pay close attention on how to use it, and how much to use.

If you are comfortable with measuring out your serving size of cannabidiol and want to experiment with edible products or custom mixes, then using pure CBD extract may be right for you. But if you are new to using CBD and are working to find the right serving for you, then you may not want to use a pure CBD isolate until you are comfortable with finding the right amount.

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