CBD Gingerbread Coffee to Perk Up Your Holidays

CBD Coffee to Perk Up Your Holidays The holidays are coming up, and let’s face it, they can get stressful with all the gift buying, family visiting, and cold weather. The great news is that we’ve [...]


The Benefits of CBD Vaping

What is the History of Vaping? E-cigarettes, personal vaporizers, vape pens – we’ve heard plenty of different names for the same thing. It’s the new-age alternative to traditional smoking tobacco [...]


In Review: 2018 CBD Law Changes and How it Affects You

With the constant changes in CBD laws across the United States, many are worried their access to cannabidiol may be threatened. The good news is that CBD oil is still legal in all 50 states [...]


Why You Shouldn’t Smoke CBD Flower

Spend any time on CBD forums and you will find regular discussions about smoking CBD flower. As an alternative to CBD products, some claim to find relief from smoking industrial hemp flowers. But [...]


Are You Really Getting Pure CBD?

Many companies advertise their products as containing pure CBD extract. But what is pure CBD extract? And should you be using a powder or slab instead of a tincture, vape, or capsule? Because [...]


Is CBD Vape Juice Better than Tinctures?

CBD vape juice is one of the most popular cannabidiol products available. Many people prefer the flavor of vape oil along with the convenience of vaping almost everywhere. But is it an effective [...]


How to Read a CBD Gummies Review

The wonderful thing about the Internet is having a wealth of information in front of us on demand. You can find out almost anything you want about any topic, including many versions of a CBD [...]


What You Need to Know About 1000mg CBD Vape Oil?

If you spend any time researching CBD Vape Oil, you have probably come across different brands in different concentrations. While one company offers 1000mg CBD vape oil, others claim theirs [...]


When a CBD Oil Review Isn’t A Review at All

One key problem of a CBD oil review is multi-level bias. Whether the reviewer has a preference for one product, a distaste for another, or a financial interest via referral links, many reviews [...]


Why You Need to Read CBD Vape Oil Reviews

The growing popularity of CBD vape oil is leading to the explosive growth of distillers and distributors across the country. Many are finding relief to common conditions by vaping CBD oil. But [...]

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