Vape Oil

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Product Size Total CBD CBD Per Dose Price
30mL 100mg 3.33mg $29.00
30mL 200mg 6.66mg $49.00
30mL 300mg 10mg $59.00
30mL 400mg 13.3mg $69.00
30mL 1000mg 33.3mg $149.00

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Company Overview:

Blue Moon Hemp is growing in popularity, but still seems a bit underdeveloped. Every product listed on their website has the same unhelpful description about how CBD is becoming a popular alternative to medical marijuana, but only a sentence or two about the individual products. That being said, they do offer a wide range of products and will probably fill out their website in the near future (hopefully). For example, they offer Vape E-liquid in 100’s (Quarter Moon), 200’s(Half Moon), 300’s(Three Quarter Moon), 400’s(Full Moon) and 1000’s(Total Eclipse). These come in flavors of Kush, Red Devil, Pure, Black Kat, and Flan.

CBD Source and Quality:

Blue Moon Hemp makes its CBD products from non-GMO, organic industrial hemp grown in Kentucky. They use a combination of cold-pressing and their unspecified “proprietary method” to extract 99.6% pure CBD. Judging from other hemp companies and the high concentration of CBD they are able to attain, we would guess they use some form of CO2 extraction. After processing, their extracts are tested for potency in Blue Moon labs and for heavy metal and chemical contamination by external labs, although they don’t say which ones. Blue Moon then compiles these results into a “Certificate of Analysis” that they post on their website.


  • Their isolates aren’t the cheapest available, but they are fairly well priced compared to many competitors.


  • Blue Moon is not winning points for transparency so far. They don’t tell us much about their extraction methods or their external lab testing.
  • You can only return unopened / unused products, and you’ll lose 10% of the refund value to restocking fees.
  • Their individual products are not well described.

Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.

Flavors: Kush, Flan, Red Devil, Pure, Black Cat.