Pet Drops

Price / Value: 4.5


Product Size Total CBD CBD Per Dose Price
15mL 150mg 10mg $20.00



Company Overview:

The CBDistillery is on a mission to bring the benefits of CBD to the general public. That means educating people about hemp and differentiating it from the conventional understanding of marijuana. For this they have created the hashtag #CBDMOVEMENT. It also means their products need to be affordable to the average citizen. For this reason, the CBDistillery has some of the cheapest products available on the hemp market. Now you can even buy CBD to help your pets! Their Pet Tincture is $20 and contains 150mg of CBD. The description says it can be given to any four-legged pet.

CBD Source and Quality:

The CBDistillery doesn’t come right out and say where their hemp is grown, but it sounds like Colorado. At least, the founders are from Colorado and that’s where the company is based. They cultivate industrial hemp out in direct sunlight and without any chemicals or pesticides. Most of their products are made using solvent-based extractions with pentane and heptane. However, their pet tinctures use cold-pressed hemp. This extracts lower concentrations of CBD, but higher concentrations of the other cannabinoids and natural compounds from the hemp. It is also safer, as it does not risk leaving any solvents in the oil. Some products have test results from an independent lab, ProVerde, posted on the product page, but the pet tincture does not. You might be able to contact their customer service department at to request the test results, if they actually test pet products.


  • Organic and Non-GMO
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Pentane and Heptane extraction
  • Third-party tested


  • At $20, this product is reasonably priced compared to its competitors.
  • Soldiers and veterans typically get a 10% discount on their orders. It is unclear if this covers buying products for your pets as well.
  • Orders of $75 get free domestic shipping.


  • Using only cold-pressed hemp oil does not provide a high concentration of CBD, but is probably cheaper than more efficient extraction methods.
  • The pet tincture is not flavored, so it might be difficult to get your pets to eat it.
  • Products can only be returned within 7 days and they must be unopened.

Payment Options: American Express, Visa, MasterCard.

Flavors: Natural Raw.