Alright everybody, welcome to Clearing The Smoke: CBD Vape Oil Reviews, our running segment from that sifts through the smoke of some of the CBD industry leaders.

Today we’re tackling Green Roads who has become somewhat of an elder statesman in the CBD oils game as they’ve been around since 2012. With over 30 products available for purchase, we give them the Dr. Greenthumb – if you’re not in-tune with our CH reference, exit stage left – of approval for their full-spectrum of CBD products. And speaking of full-spectrum, this is the extraction technique they utilize (Full-Spectrum CO2 extraction), which uses CO2 at a low temperature with high pressure allowing the captured liquid-state CO2 to efficiently remove the CBD and terpenes from the hemp plant. They also use a certified 99% pure CBD Crystalline purification process followed by winterizing the removed fats and lipids resulting in the highest concentrated form of cannabidiol.

Being one of the first players in the CBD game has its luxuries. Green Roads has been able to assemble an impressively large consumer audience: over 5,000 wholesale clients and more than one million end users. They have also been able to partner with and donate to medical facilities who aid families in need of medical help while continuing to develop in-depth research on the effects of medical CBD usage. Hemp-brownie points for giving back to the community!

While all this is fine and dandy, we have some red-light concerns with Green Roads. One of the most vital factors in ensuring quality hemp growth is its location and how it is grown to help diminish the presence of foreign substances such as chemicals or heavy metals. Their hemp is considered organic, albeit European Certified Organic Hemp, but the lack of divulged details entailing the actual growth location is disconcerting to say the least. All we know is that it is grown somewhere in Europe “in locations with ideal climates” – that verbiage seems a bit sketchy.

On top of that, their website claims that they employ third-party testing for all their raw compounds during the manufacturing process for “quality and purity.” Boy, that’s some pretty intelligent nomenclature for a site whose “lab tests” only show CBD content and fail to even test for any outside foreign substances. As they say, the proof is in the pudding; and those pudding ingredients are unknown.

Green Roads CBD oils available for vaping are made with vegetable glycerin (VG) as opposed to propylene glycol (PG) or the new-fad Coconut Oil. The jury is still out on the differences between these mixing agents for vape safety, but VG bases have been known to cause user phlegm buildup and possible respiratory tract irritation. VG is also a sweetener and will change the taste of oils while its thickness is good for larger smoke plumes but will sometimes cause it to stick to vape tanks. Their CBD oils are also significantly more expensive than several competitors – such as cbdMD or Bluebird Botanicals – but don’t worry, that’ll just make it easier to get to the $125 price point to secure free shipping!

Oh, but head over to their Facebook page, which they have advertised on the site, and you’ll see a plethora of customer reviews complaining about long shipping times and a lack of customer service. Ouch. And the cherry on top of the “cons” pie is that their website is riddled with grammatical errors making us wonder: if you don’t take the time to check your information for accuracy and mistakes, what else are you skimping on?

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