Coffee connoisseurs across the country are quickly discovering the surprisingly complimentary combination of CBD and their beloved bean. For years, all that was available to boost your morning brew was sugary syrups and extra buzzes of caffeine; but now you have the chance to add a little dose of Mother Nature right to your mug. CBD is the latest craze to find its way into our morning routines in more ways than one. As the known health benefits of hemp-derived CBD continue to compile, as do the customers in line wanting to give the new caffeine additive a try.

Cafes across the country are serving up delicious blends of assorted exotic beans while continuing to add different shots into their unique blends. From flavor shots, to amino acids and essential vitamins, more and more additives are being combined with our coffees. And the newest shot on the cafe chalkboard is cannabidiol. Otherwise known as CBD for short, this new natural compound is being blended into the minds of coffee lovers everywhere. And people are quickly starting to notice its relaxing benefits. “CBD sells itself,” says one Vermont coffee shop owner.1 A shot of CBD will run you an extra two or three dollars, but provides a nice counterbalance to the energy boost of caffeine. The no-high hemp derivative adds a functional chill to the usual jitters of your everyday cup of joe. While caffeine adds the necessary pick-me-up to the daily grinds, CBD counteracts that buzz with an all-natural calming effect.

Coffee and cannabis snobs continue to unite across the aisle and the awareness of adding CBD to your everyday routine only increases. As the benefits of CBD become more recognizable, more shops are finding unique ways to implement it into their products. One Denver cafe claims to have found the perfect hangover cure with a cold-brew infused with CBD.2 By combining a high dose of caffeine with the none-high inducing CBD compound, the drink provides the ideal balance of chill energy. Another 1,300 miles due west, Seattle is experiencing its own introduction into the CBD world. Dubbed “wellness lattes,” one coffee shop owner is discovering just how popular the relaxing beverages can be. Brendan McGill, owner and operator of Café Hitchcock, said, “I want people to have this wonderful treat: it’s delicious, it feeds your soul, it makes you happy and it’s good for your body.”3 Where do we place our order?

By making CBD additions to their restaurant menus, businesses are encouraging those that are usually opposed to the idea of hemp to open up to this budding new food and beverage additive. This helps increase the general public awareness about this brand new all-natural ingredient. Most people are immediately turned off because they hear it is a part of the cannabis family. While this is correct, CBD actually comes from industrial hemp and is THC-free. People have been conditioned to associate hemp with pot, and therefore it is bad. We don’t exactly share that point of view, but, we can see how the fear of becoming too stoned off your morning brew before work could be stress inducing; CBD is meant to help de-stress. Simply put, that word association is incorrect. CBD is just one cannabinoid present in cannabis that provides a wealth of healthy properties. THC is the canninoid that will induce the high feeling, while CBD is simply an all-natural compound that works directly with the body to help improve overall health. The best CBD oils will have zero THC and will be derivatives of the hemp plant.

Studies suggest that CBD can be a critical component in the management of tough-to-treat pain.4 Coffee drinkers often complain of headaches, or even migraines, from their daily dose of caffeine and CBD can be a great way to combat those adverse effects. Working directly with the body’s internal systems, CBD can help diminish the presence of negative stimuli. CBD has the potential to be useful in the management of chronic pain by working with the internal endocannabinoid system to suppress inflammatory responses that happen within the body.5 By adding that extra CBD shot to your coffee, you’re doing more than just giving yourself that much needed morning, or afternoon, energy boost.

And CBD doesn’t just combat pain, it can also be used to help alleviate a range of different types of anxiety. As most coffee drinkers are well aware, coffee doesn’t exactly put your mind and body at ease. Caffeine can oftentimes make you feel a bit on edge, and CBD works to lower those feelings of intense anxiety. We have all experienced those caffeine-induced jitters and how they can cause stomach pain and anxiety, but there’s no possible way we can make it through the day without a cup. Now you can sip assured, as recent studies have concluded that CBD demonstrates beneficial properties in helping to reduce anxiety disorders.6

The ability of CBD to help cure the body of an array of diseases and ailments is nothing short of miraculous. It’s taken scientists years to find solutions to some of the issues that hemp was able to heal almost overnight. We are by no means endorsing CBD as a “cure-all,” but the fact remains that there are numerous illnesses it can help relieve, while also helping to boost the overall health of the human body. While we spend billions of dollars on research and development in terms of prescription medicines — only to get countless numbers of people hooked and killed  — while Mother Nature has had it right the entire time. Why take a pill produced in a lab when you could take a daily dose of CBD oil that comes directly from the earth?

Now that you’ve been abe to determine just how CBD can benefit you, keep your eyes, ears, and taste buds on the lookout for a shop near you to start serving up some CBD oil concoctions.








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