Epilepsy affects the central nervous system by disrupting nerve cell activity with the brain; this severance of neural communication usually triggers seizures – a period of irregular behavior or sensations – and often a state of unconsciousness. Symptoms of a seizure vary from person to person, and while prescription medications and surgical procedures may help maintain seizure control, many patients are in search of safer, more natural remedies.

Natural Neurological Balance with Cannabinoids

Pharmaceuticals expose many people living with epilepsy in the United States to a broad variety of high-dose prescriptions which often lead to more health issues rather than providing relief from symptoms. Extensive research shows how our endocannabinoids can decrease and possibly restrict levels of neurotoxicity linked to epileptic seizures. With CBD, scientific studies have documented that increased activity of our endocannabinoid system (ECS) can regulate acute and chronic imbalances. By creating a balance, cannabinoids are naturally beneficial against seizures and can eventually reduce epilepsy-related mortalities. Testing CBD for epilepsy continues to advance leading to more healthier treatments for nerve damage and other neurological disorders.