Often described as extensive pain throughout the muscles and bones, Fibromyalgia affects how the brain handles pain signals; therefore, intensifying pain sensitivity. A quite common condition that affects over 3 million people in the U.S. each year, Fibromyalgia is typically followed by fatigue, memory issues, sleep and mood problems. Regular prescriptions for Fibromyalgia frequently risk addictive behavior which has many people searching for alternative treatments.


Nature’s Own Pain Reliever

Published reports show significant, beneficial results implying CBD for fibromyalgia as a critical option for treatment. A recent trial using more than 50 patients with fibrositis concluded that after administering CBD, half of those patients described a considerable decrease of painful sensations and general symptoms; the other half – which took regular medications – didn’t report any distinguished enhancements. Another reason CBD is such a prime candidate for fibromyalgia treatment is its non-addictive, all-natural attributes.