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Company Overview:

Green Roads is one of the largest manufacturers of CBD products. They have over 5,000 wholesale partners and believe their products reach over one million consumers. Their main claim to fame is that the CEO and founder, Laura Fuentes, has 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She has forged the way for the company by using her knowledge to design it’s CBD products. Now Green Worlds has partnered with a company called King Kanine to offer CBD for pets too. There are three options: Regular Strength (75mg of CBD), Extra Strength (150mg), and Pro Strength (300mg). These are lavender flavored, and also contain omega 3 fatty acids from fish and krill oil. They are safe for both dogs and cats.

CBD Source and Quality:

Green Roads manufactures their products from hemp grown organically in Europe and imported to the US. They do all of the processing, first extracting CBD with supercritical CO2. They further concentrate the CBD by lowering the temperature, which causes it to crystalize. Most of their products are produced by combining these crystals with full spectrum hemp oil. However, these pet oils are not labeled as full spectrum, and the ingredient listed is “Pharmaceutical-Grade Cannabidiol.” This leads us to believe they only contain the concentrated form of CBD and therefore will not produce the “entourage effect,” which is the combined benefit of consuming multiple cannabinoids simultaneously. Green Roads also does not post any lab testing results for potential heavy metal or chemical contaminants in their pet products.


  • Internationally sourced hemp
  • European Certified Organic Hemp
  • Full Spectrum CO2 extraction
  • Certified 99% pure CBD Crystalline purification process
  • Website posted lab results
  • Free shipping on orders over $125


  • Domestic shipping is free on orders over $75.
  • Unlike many other companies, Green Roads labels their pet tinctures with the specific amount of CBD they contain.
  • Green Roads makes donations to support research into CBD’s potential benefits.


  • Green Roads doesn’t give specific information about where its hemp is grown.
  • There are no lab test results published or even promised for their pet products.
  • These pet CBD products are more expensive than similar concentrations of their human products.

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Flavors: Natural Raw.