Known as hyperactivity disorder or ADHD for children diagnosed with attention deficit symptoms along with hyperactive tendencies, attention deficit disorder (ADD) is a chronic condition which typically consists of general temerity, short attention span, and overall restlessness. Symptoms usually begin during childhood but can persist long into adulthood. Within the United States, millions living life with ADHD/ADD experience difficulties at school and work, challenging social and personal relationships, and poor self-confidence. A few cases depict the strength of symptoms reducing when patients become older, while many others describe conditions as long-lasting [25].



CBD and Dopamine Sufficiency

Published research reveals an underlying link between the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and how our brain manages levels of dopamine. ADHD/ADD symptoms commonly associate with an insufficient amount of dopamine which is responsible for cognitive functions like memory and attention. Clinical tests demonstrate how cannabinoids, such as CBD, balance dopamine shortages – compounds activate particular receptors that trigger organic dopamine production. Results conclude that patients with ADHD/ADD describe better moods, concentration, and daily productivity after receiving carefully administered doses of CBD [26].