Insomnia is a detrimental health condition that lowers physical energy, work performance, mental capabilities, and overall well-being. Symptoms usually include various sleep inconsistencies like trouble falling asleep, remaining sleep throughout the night, and general sleepiness. Insomnia may also reveal underlying anxiety, a chronic illness, or depression; experts typically associates insomnia with insufficient exercise or poor sleeping habits. Symptoms of insomnia can last for a few days or become prolonged to over an entire month [21].



A Good Night’s Rest with CBD

Mental tensions like stress, worry, despair, or even excitement can ruin a night’s worth of decent sleep; physical afflictions such as headaches, soreness, and chronic pain can also prevent natural sleep from taking place [21]. Scientific researchers have found CBD to subsequently activate neurological receptors that release serotonin which causes an organic anxiolytic effect that soothes mental exertion and stimulates relaxation [3]. Evidence from other clinical cases reports CBD effective against pain, muscle and joint stiffness, and a lack of sensory balance responsible for severe headaches [19].