Even though just about everyone has felt nauseous, and probably threw-up, at some point in life, nausea and vomiting are both typical symptoms that are caused by various conditions. Triggers for nausea and vomiting may differ due to age and personal health, but their timing usually reveal the cause. In rare cases, nausea and vomiting could imply a far more severe medical condition [5].


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Antiemetic Effects from CBD

Examinations and scientific testings indicate that our endocannabinoid system (ECS) can regulate nausea and vomiting; further research highlights how CBD contains antiemetic or anti-nausea properties that work with specializing receptors located in the midline of the brain stem. When CBD attaches to CB1 receptors, reports state it creates a biological reaction that suppresses vomiting. With ongoing research and positive results, CBD for nausea and vomiting gains support as an alternative, natural treatment for patients going through chemotherapy or other types of therapeutic care [6].


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