Although schizophrenia is a common condition that affects more than 200,000 people in the U.S., it also a severe neurological disorder that abnormally disrupts reality and perception. Symptoms typically include delusions, hallucinations, and severe cognitive impairment that interferes with daily functioning. Schizophrenia functions as a chronic condition that requires consistent, ongoing treatment including coarse medications which have prompted investigations into less adverse choices of relief.

CBD Comparison To Common Prescriptions

When compared to the powerful, antipsychotic prescription, Amisulpride, CBD generated symptom relief for schizophrenic patients without any unfavorable side effects. Results published in a psychiatry journal documented over 40 participants with only half administered CBD for schizophrenia and the other half with Amisulpride. Each treatment worked against neurological symptoms, but those who took the CBD also described improved well being with no harsh effects [11].