The wonderful thing about the Internet is having a wealth of information in front of us on demand. You can find out almost anything you want about any topic, including many versions of a CBD gummies review.

Unfortunately, this means there is a lot of bad information on the Internet as well. Bad actors who work to spread misinformation can use the Internet not to teach, illuminate, or inspire, but to deceive and misrepresent. This is especially prevalent in non-independent CBD reviews.

Because CBD gummies are one of the most popular products online, there are a lot of websites that spread fake reviews and steer people away from good products. Can you really trust a CBD gummies review you find online? We’ve done the research and read through hundreds of CBD gummies reviews to determine what goes into a real one, and what goes into a fake one. Here’s how you should read CBD gummies reviews.

Skip the stars in CBD gummies reviews – go straight to the reviews

Every review system has an arbitrary measurement. Across the Internet, the most common measurement you will find is “stars.” The idea is that five stars represents the best products, while one star represents the worst.

But as we’ve learned over the years, stars may not mean much. A five-star product may only come from one review, while the best products may have four stars. Anything less than three and it may not be worth purchasing.

To truly decipher a CBD gummies review, don’t look at the stars. Instead, read the entire review from start to finish, noting the flavor, texture and effects. From there, you can make a better decision about whether or not it is a legitimate CBD gummies review.

Make sure the CBD gummies review align with the product

Anyone can claim to review any product. But are they giving an accurate representation of the CBD gummies in question?

When you read a CBD gummies review, be sure to compare the notes provided by the manufacturer and those written by the reviewer. While the manufacturer’s notes may only apply to the positives of the product, the review should speak to the accuracy of those statements. If the CBD gummies review doesn’t line up with the product notes, it may not be a real review.

Check for a CBD gummies review from actual users

The best business doesn’t come from advertising or social media – it comes from word-of-mouth. People who have used a product and experienced the positives from it are often the first that can speak to the benefits, or if the CBD gummies work as advertised.

When seeking a quality CBD gummies review, read the feedback provided by actual users. While the star rating can be a guide, go into what they write about their experience. If the customer feedback doesn’t reflect what you want from a CBD gummy, then it may be wise to avoid that product regardless of its overall star rating.

Go through the CBD gummies review checklist to truly evaluate the product

As we’ve written about before, it’s always smart to go down the quality checklist with any CBD-related product. A real CBD gummies review should always talk about these points:

  • Sourcing: Where do the plants for CBD oil come from? Was it sourced in the United States, or was it imported from another country?
  • Extraction process: Does the CBD gummies review address how the cannabidiol oil was processed? Always look for those that are CO2 extracted or olive oil extracted and stay away from those that were solvent processed.
  • Isolate or full-spectrum: Are cannabidiols extracted as isolate, or full-spectrum? While isolate only delivers CBD by itself, full-spectrum CBD gummies also deliver other key nutrients like amino acids and essential oils.
  • Chemicals or energizers: Does the CBD gummies review address any additional concerns, like synthetic chemicals or energizers? A good review should always note anything in the product that isn’t directly related to the key health benefit: cannabidiols.
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